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Drupalista, My God, it's full of stars!


- My God, it's full of stars!


I'm buried with work on a new contract, this site will sadly be neglected for a while and is on an indefinite hiatus for now :)

Acquia Marina theme notes

I'm ripping into the Acquia Marina theme over at and having a great time doing so, this post is just going to keep notes on that to add to the memory palace...

Dhtml menu module conflicts with the Suckerfish menus built into the theme, it needs to be disabled completely.

Content profile, organic groups and a theming brain melt...

Sometimes I wish I knew more php, but then I'd be a shitty designer ;) that's the disclaimer! As a designer I've had a blast figuring drupal out the last few years, ah, the modules, and I love breaking tpl files...

Bubbletimer Module

Here's a nifty module that I am quite enjoying using, Bubbletimer. It's a timetracker for drupal and allows one to track the amount of time spent on a node by turning the nodes into activities. It would be great for large sites that have a lot of folks working on the site and allow a project manager to keep track of who did what, when and to which node/page.

Here's a great screencast that explains it's usage very well:

Real Estate Framework

Neglected the blog last month, but I spent February building a Real Estate Framework out in Drupal for my company.

Learnt a lot of good lessons that I'll share in time, and we leveraged the Acquia-Marina theme so we could avoid spending time focusing on the themeing at this stage. We would of course customize that for our clients. You can take a peek at it over here: Real Estate Framework...

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