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Drupalista, My God, it's full of stars!


- My God, it's full of stars!

CSS Injector Mod

Taking the css injector mod out for a spin.

Let's make it style some stuff differently. I want to see the file structure this puppy creates too.

So here's a default H1 from the theme css.

And here's an H1 restyled via css injector.

Pretty cool really, I can see it coming in quite handy, writes the css to the default/files folder.

CSS logic: "It's useful for

CSS logic: "It's useful for adding simple CSS tweaks without modifying a site's official theme -- for example, a 'nighttime' color scheme could be added during certain hours."

Pretty cool.

I have the blog served up

I have the blog served up from the RSS quite nicely.

Use case?

Where would this become useful? Also, what mod did you use for blog notifications?

For inline css...

Interesting, I was just tooling around with this Wordpress Plugin in mamp: Art Direction which is essentially a way to do the same thing on that side.

Sometimes I want to theme some content on a page, outside of the 'theme' structure set up for the site...regain that individual control of that content. As opposed to pulling the damn css file out of a mod, or a block id in this case, whatever, adding it to your theme, adding it to your info file, empty cache, re-visiting theme registry if the damn cache refresh did not catch....

But yeah, really it's just to add some character to separate and make content a little less 'templated looking'.

Notifications are via Comment Notify here...

The real issue is that I'm

The real issue is that I'm not getting notified when someone comments, lol! Trying to get it notify me as well, hmmm...

But I guess you are getting notified, right? More to go figure out ;)

I do get the notifications

I do get the notifications for the comments, yes.

Good to hear that your

Good to hear that your getting them Patrick!

Yeah seems Comment notify will only notify after you set it when writing or replying to a comment, but what I wanted was to get a notification whenever anyone adds a comment to any post on the site, and that required another mod of course, stupid me ;P

That mod is Comment Mail and it's being taken for a spin now as well, heh.