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Drupalista, My God, it's full of stars!


- My God, it's full of stars!

Real Estate Framework

Neglected the blog last month, but I spent February building a Real Estate Framework out in Drupal for my company.

Learnt a lot of good lessons that I'll share in time, and we leveraged the Acquia-Marina theme so we could avoid spending time focusing on the themeing at this stage. We would of course customize that for our clients. You can take a peek at it over here: Real Estate Framework...


There has been immense hard work laid on to make this framework and to give a considerable hike to the websites. \

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Real Estate Framework for Drupal - status

Have you made any progress on the Real Estate Framework for Drupal. Do you have anything ready to share with the community?


Nope, I've been busy with contract work and have not had the time. It's not at a point that it can be released back to the community, the code would need cleaning. Thanks for your interest though!