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Drupalista, My God, it's full of stars!


- My God, it's full of stars!

SEO Modules for Drupal

Okay, so here's the checklist:

Installed Mods:

Debating, Mod has issues with D6:

Left to Install and Test:


cck setting error...

Seems a cck seeting flipped off and removed the name/email fields for anon users. Must keep an eye when editing the cck, it should not default to the defaults !! oy vey!



testing the duplicate comments...

and why are you throwing a wobbly dear drupal?



service links

I like it a lot better than 'addthis' module. You don't get the granular control out of it like this one. Only issue I see - the module is looking for an active developer.

(Noticed you don't have a name/url fields anymore either for the blog.)



Drupal content management

Drupal content management system is hardly much scrounge motor amiable. For starters, there's no innate module to cause locale-exact or paper-categorical meta tags. There's similarly nil in arrange to resist the mate indexing of places along multifarious URLs that you've configured around the road alias headline.
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I really like the Service

I really like the Service links feature of SEO Modules for Drupal, because by using this you can easily embed social networks links or javascript buttons within the content.
Rahul Makhija

yeah needs updating...

I saw a bunch of issues in the q, mod has not been updated since 2005...I agree could lead to conflicts and the template.php example in the mod is for D5 only, it won't work in D6, that requires a diff preprocess hook, of course!