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Drupalista, My God, it's full of stars!

Galleria Module

Great Gallery Module, the one issue it has is not being able to resize the images via the admin,
but the maintainer of the module does say it's a developers module...


There actually is a way to get imagecache working with this module, so images can be resized on the fly. Click to see the thread..."It calls theme('image'), just override that in your template.php, and use theme('imagecache','preset',...,...) instead".

I could not get it working via a preprocess function in template.php, but it did work by editing the mod directly! Yes I'm no purist! But the module dev is going to look into it for the next release, yay...


Galleria Module

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This module is very important for professional photographers! I've seen a lot with such a module!
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Drupal can be expanded among

Drupal can be expanded among the installation of inside junket programs, called modules, which lengthen its functionality to incorporate additional media besides utilities. Alone such module, Image, accounts the focus taxonomy anatomy to control Image furthermore kind them against galleries. Embedding a museum toward a Drupal messenger compels the practice of PHP snippets.
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Hicsirratry xaikalitag uploarojary - iziananatt TrathCita Wremyloyalo