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Drupalista, My God, it's full of stars!


is Apaarjeet Chopra

Drupalista is my Drupal playground, testbed and memory palace. Stuff breaks around here a lot, remain calm, it won't hurt you. If your using IE, I feel for you, this is a testbed remember.

I have 15 years of real world experience, I’ve done print and illustration since I graduated in 1993, I was first published in 1994, by the Times of India and did my first website in 1995 for The Economic Times of India, the second newspaper online out of India. I’ve done websites since the web appeared and print even longer, and I still work in both mediums having lost none of my love for either. Notable clients other than the above have included, The Smithsonian Institute, The Nobel Museum, Macworld, My Jewish Learning, Harper Collins Publishers and Business Today Magazine. For a formal portfolio and resume head off to my Bittennails Design and Illustration website.

Need a Custom Drupal theme or Web Development Services? Contact me. I'd be happy to provide you my services.

There's not much else to see on this page, it's just another exercise in customizing a user profile page, using the core profile mod and a custom user-profile.tpl.php page template.

There's more over on the blog!