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Drupalista, My God, it's full of stars!

Views Accordion Test

 This page is for the views accordion test...

Ah and it works, nice, click the titles to try it out, it comes with no styles, but that's actually good, except that I need to style it now :p

Testing imagefield and imagecache out in this post.

Mustard Seed has a great video tutorial on these two mods here:

Oy vey, so many ways which one to use...

The break tag/split summary at cursor ain't very intuitive for users, works great...but is kinda buggy for me with FCKeditor installed, I'm not the only one it seems;

Via php snippets at Geshan's blog:

And I think the solution is a module, yet to try it, lets see:

Just an excellent module, can't say enough about it.

It's great for those long damn forms clients make you build that no one uses. It works with the webform module, a great time saver.

Themeing the core blog mod to use separate templates from the rest of the site. Essentially stop the blog posts from using page-tpl and make them use page-node-blog-tpl for all individual posts and page-blog-tpl for the teaser/excerpt view, the blog home so to speak.

The solution is here:

*Updated, 11/12/08:

Is this "simple-slide-panel" re-stlyed via css and thrown into it's own region.